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The new big thing in late-night TV won’t come from New York or L.A. It won’t be mind-numbing, empty brain-calories. It won’t be what anyone expects. It will come from Portland, Oregon. It will be wicked smart and gleefully raising the bar. It will be The Late Now.

Hosted with eccentric wit and good cheer by Leo Daedalus, the show features the most engaging guests and unexpected mischief in the sublunary world — live in Portland, Oregon.

Maddened and fascinated by the society of the spectacle, The Late Now broadcasts from a parallel universe where Dada won the war, in an off-center continuum of arts, music, culture & ideas.

On February 5, 2016, The Late Now goes from live & local to online distribution: shot and produced for TV straight out of Portland.

We are seeking perfect fit partners to connect to our incredible audience. So, what about it, Partner?


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